im having a lot of thoughts about u, a lot of longing for u. i miss u so much lately. i am not used to missing someone that is still living; someone that is currently breathing and thinking and feeling.
no one could ever get close to the magic you have created in me.
i wonder, do u ever think this way about me? do u miss me? im a better person than i was. i have so much more love than i did.
since u left me, ive have explored my soul. my spirit is beautiful and bright and strong, but there is a big part of me that still craves every last part of u.
i wish u would miss me,
i really really wish u would miss me.

Wendy (1984), Brett Whiteley

TV set, c.1960s (via)


The Jimi Hendrix Experience
Anonymous: I would enjoy just picking u up and tossing u

the fuck is this



Robert Watts - Crossed Nude Legs Tablecloth, 1966/1973.
… via The End of Being: An Esoteric Guide to Difficult and Unusual Art, Music, Film, People and Ideas… from the article, Remembering the Invisible Man — The Fluxus / Pop Art Enigma of Doctor Bob

Man Not Himself Until He Has So Much Coffee He Feels Like He’s Going To Die

me leavin fr clas 

Shuji Terayamajapanese avant-garde of the 1970s