detail The Lament for Icarus, 1898
Herbert Draper
Do you think its possible
that some people
are born to give
more love
than they will ever
get back
in return?

Tyler Knott Gregson

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if you don’t respect the anger of oppressed people, you’re probably why they’re angry.

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Purposely intimidating racist old white men on public transport.


Claude Monet’s palette at the Musee Marmottan, Paris.

Peter and Jane Series // Miriam Elia




last night i realized why i (and you) need feminism:

this post contains information about misogyny, violence, and sexism. it is not meant to be triggering, but to some it may be.
i’ve never personally experienced as much blatant misogyny as i did last night. a friend and i were attempting to…

i was really hoping to get more of a response to this.

guys pls pls reblog this its so important!!
many people live in this bubble of thinking that being harassed is something that happens to other women , its not!!! misogyny is very much alive and prevalent. this could’ve escalated much further had she not very blatantly told him to back down, or had it not been in public!!! hannah is v brave everyone needs to see this

i love nina